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Digital Films and Images

Landscape in Pain, film still, Roxane Permar
Telephone Project, film still, Roxane Permar, Shetland
Countdown, film still, Cold War Projects - Roxane Permar and Susan Timmins, Saxa Vord, Shetland
Short Sails 3, film still, Roxane Permar for project conceived by artist Pat Law
Come and Go, film still, Roxane Permar. Soundtrack by David Sjoberg. Commissioned by Shetland Museum and Archives, 2007

Come and Go, 2007

Crossing Waater ii, Roxane Permar (2009) photo of installation in anniversary birthday exhibition, The New Art Gallery  Walsall

In 2002, after I moved to Shetland, I started to learn how to edit video using Final Cut Pro but got sidetracked by Flash Animation.  By the time I felt like I was finally getting to grips with Final Cut Pro, Apple changed it.  I've therefore ended up editing most of my films on iMovie, which is quite limited.  


I repeatedly return to moving image, some of which I share here. I've not managed to upload all these films to the Internet yet, but am working on it. 

Click on the photographs to link to the film and/or more information. I'm still working on more pages for this section, so come back another time.


Crossing Waater, 2009

The Wedding, 2007


Step By Step, 2005

Knit, 2004

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