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The Telephone Project

Artists present an online exhibition of a worldwide game of TELEPHONE
ONLINE LAUNCH: April 10, 2021

Three artists from Shetland, Joan Fraser, Roxane Permar and Susan Timmins, are among artists from 73 countries who played a game of TELEPHONE, in which a message was passed from art form to art form. The message could become a poem, then a painting, then a film, then a dance, as it was passed 7,684,788 kilometers or 4,776,126 miles between 489 cities. An interactive, online exhibition of these hundreds of original, interconnected works was launched on Saturday, April 10, 2021 at 9am EST at

Only a handful of staff members know the original message of TELEPHONE. The participating artists were only aware of the work that directly preceded their own, and do not know how their own work was translated or further translated in subsequent works. When TELEPHONE became publicly available, it was the first time that any of the artists got to see the exhibition in full.

Telephone Project in Shetland Times 16:0