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Women's Work, Our Territory, installation view of exhibition. Photo: Roxane Permar

Women's Work

Knit for Victory, Imperial War Museum, London, Roxane Permar and Cath Bristow

Knit for Victory

The Wishing Tree, Park Matters, Roxane Permar and Shillam + Smith, Normand Park, London

Park Matters 2003

Walking Sculpture, Roxane Permar, Lab Culture at the Eden Project, PVA Media Lab

Lab Culture at the Eden Project

poster for a veer north exhibition

Veer North

E-Club Meets Home Life, image for T-Shirt design (front), Roxane Permar, Epping Forest Arts, Chigwell Wood


Sculpture for The Mailboats, artist Roxane Permar and writer James Sinclair, project in Shetland and Orkney, The Hansel Co-operative

The Mailboats

Setting Sail, detail from schools workshop, Bressay Primary School, conceived by Roxane Permar and Susan Timmins for Crossing Waater and delivered with JJ Brennan, a Veer North Shetland Artists Group project

Setting Sail

Map of participants' locations for Exchange Punkt, a participatory project conceived by Roxane Permar for the International Festival of Experimental Art, Manezh Central Exhibition Hall, St Petersburg, Russia

Exchange Punkt

I want to share some of the  projects I've undertaken which don't necessarily fit into the themes I've identified for organising this web site.  While I've not included some of them in the themed sections there are of course ways in which these works link with my larger body of work, whether through ways of working as a socially engaged artist, subject matter, places such as Shetland, or materials.  I interpret the idea of 'project' quite broadly in selecting these works as I include two artists groups with which I've worked, Women's Work and Veer North.

Click on the photographs to find out more.  I'm still working on some of the pages, so nothing will happen when you click on the image.

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