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Sound Works

Apologies! This page is still under construction.

Strange Strolls, Roxane Permar, curated by Perdita Phillips
Noise Intercepted Noise Project, Roxane Permar
Intake, sound installations, Roxane Permar, 1998.  for O Pas La! Surprising Spaces, L.A.C. Sigean, France

I have been using sound consistently since 1995 and have been developing it as a means to investigate our relationship to interior and exterior architecture and the world around us, especially since I moved to Shetland in 2000.  I like the way it can take us through the experience of a journey as a means of discovery and realisation and ask us to consider our relationship between private and public spaces.  Sound resonates.  It  draws links between nostalgia and yearning, mortality, desire and recognition.

I've used sound in a variety of ways from low to high tech.  The first residential training course I attended for digital technologies was for audio, run by PVA Media Lab at Dartington.  I first used low tech sound with Echolalia in 1995 and eventually invested in crates of happy birthday greeting cards with 'happy birthday' sound loops. In 1999 I also used these for Silver the 25th anniversary celebration of Peacock Printmakers Gallery, Aberdeen and Intake, when I was repeatedly sending packages of the battery operated sound loops to France.  I learned a lot through the workshop at BBC studios for The Sonic Postcard Project, too. I have loads of mini disc players, which are now obsolete, of course. I used them as objects in their own right for Flow, the site-specific sound work I made for relocation, the second emplacements  event at Museum House, London in 1999. 

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