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Echolalia's Rose Garden, Roxane Permar, commissioned by Shillam + Smith, Saltley and Smallheath SRB, Birmingham; Roxane Permar 1998

Echolalia's Rose Gardens

Echolalia's Walsall Archive for In Memoriam, Walsall  New Art Gallery, 2000-01, Roxane Permar

Echolalia's Archives

Echolalia is a fictional artist created for the group exhibition, Pretext Heteronyms in 1995.  She uses mementos to commemorate experiences and events. She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and lives in London and Buenos Aires, with extended visits to Venice. Verbal language is an integral part of her working processes. She uses sound in ways which employ repetition to act as metaphors for speech. The titles for her work comprise hybrid forms of the three languages she speaks fluently - Spanish, English and Italian.


With this work I explored the relationship between the audience and artist.  I continued to work with Echolalia in order to experiment with ephemeral materials and live art forms, in particular scent, sound, and participatory events that took place outside regulated art spaces and institutions.  Echolalia is defined by objects and experiences, particularly those associated with the colour pink and the subject of the rose. Echolalia’s audience came to know her through these associations introduced by a series of postal and telephone communications, which included invitations, announcements and mementoes combined with gift giving and exchange.  By 1997 Echolalia began to be commissioned to make new work and invited by institutions to exhibit, culminating in two major projects for A Splash of Colour (1998) and In Memoriam (2000-2001).  

Selected Exhibitions and Events 1995-2006
Roseland, Bonhoga Gallery, Shetland 2006
•. Echolalia's Walsall Archive, for
In Memoriam, The New Art Gallery  Walsall (catalogue) (2000-01)
Echolalia’s Rose Garden for A Splash of Colour, temporary sculpture, lighting and community engagement for Saltley and Small • • Heath SRB, Birmingham, Shillam + Smith Architects (publication) (1998)
Terrain de roses, Selections from Echolalia’s Archives, The Shetland Museum (1997)

Terrain de roses, Echolalia's Afternoon Tea, The Shetland Museum (1997)
Terrain de roses vii, London Borough of Camden, Department of Arts and Leisure
Off-Centre, London Borough of Camden
Unfolding, St George’s Hospital, London
Pretext Heteronyms, Rear Window, London (catalogue) (1995)

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