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Through the Moonpool, Roxane Permar, 2000-2001
Shetland's Cauld Waaters, commisioned by SNH, Roxane Permar, Shetland
Fishtastic, The Scalloway Moving Image Project, Roxane Permar, Shetland

In 2000 I began to investigate ROVs (remotely operated vehicles) initially through a SYOTA (Scotland Year of the Artist) Residency with a company (formerly Halliburton Subsea, now Subsea 7) in Aberdeen. Through the Moonpool is the body of work that developed from this research, which draws on technologies employed in remote imaging and robotics used in the subsea world. It includes digitally manipulated images drawn from video, sonic scans and technical drawings, digital video and two web sites produced with young Shetlanders, the first, Shetland's Could Waaters, for the Scottish Natural Heritage Young People’s Digital Art Project and the second, Fishtastic, with pupils and teachers at Scalloway Junior High School.  

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