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Sculpture and Installation

Execution, Roxane Permar.  1991. Installation view, Heuston Railway Station, Dublin
Knickerbeasts, detail from exhibition Still and Silent Objects at the Natural History Museum, London
The Maiden Tower, Baku, photo of painted model in-situ during International Festival of Art.  Roxane Permar

I love making things. From an early age my mother taught me how to use the industrial sewing machines ​in our basement that were part of her business as a children's clothes designer, Jessie Fashions. I turned to installation because it offered the opportunity to bring together a collection of objects rather than using just one.  I think of it as an extension of bookmaking, which I used as my undergraduate art form; the book is to a single image, what an installation is to a single object.  My sculptural work has used unconventional materials and means of making.  It is usually temporal in some way.  These works offer an example of the way I have used objects in my practice.  

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