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Landscape in Pain is my response to the construction of the Viking Energy Wind Farm on Shetland’s Mainland. It comprises a series of digital drawings, films and a web site which includes a Blog.  The wind farm will become one of the largest onshore wind farms in Europe. Construction commenced in September 2020, after many years of public debate and local dissent. Lockdown restrictions enabled me to refresh my connection to Shetland. The experience of staying in one place with limited movement over a prolonged period of time helped me reacquaint with the Shetland landscape more deeply and has brought sharp focus to my view of it.  My understanding of landscape has been challenged, and my perception of our relation to landscape has shifted. In particular I have experienced increasing despair about our relation to the environment.  It has been painful to watch the construction make visible inroads to the landscape, like an occupying force, violating our land, which has been made vulnerable and helpless in the face of the human hand of destruction. I ask how can we tackle the global climate crisis without causing further harm to the environment?  I've shown the work a few times both in Shetland and, Switzerland and in an online exhibition. You can find out about these in my Blog on the Landscape in Pain website. 


Photos #3 and #6 courtesy of Sustainable Shetland

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