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Homelife, Chigwell Row Wood, Chigwell, Essex, 2007

I was one of the artists who took part in Homelife. I worked with young people, aged 8 - 12 years, from E-Club, a youth club on the Limes Farm housing estate. This project, one of three in Border Dialogues (2006-2008) was an environmental project developed by Sonia Zelic, one of the arts officers for Epping Forest Arts. We learned about Chigwell Row Wood in Epping, Essex in sessions with the park rangers.  The young people made drawings of wildlife, flora and fauna from the woods. They also created sound recordings where they performed the sounds made by creatures who live in the woods. We had great fun at the final event in Chigwell Row Wood which brought together all the projects led by different artists. E-Club created a special space to share their learning. I got T-shirts made using graphics taken from the young people's drawings, which everyone wore at the event.  


I'll be adding more photographs, images of the drawings and audio recordings.

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