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Setting Sail, 2009

Setting Sail was a collaboration with Susan Timmins for the Veer North project Crossing Waater, an exhibition designed for Farum, Denmark (near Copenhagen) and which travelled to Scotland.  During the exhibition in Farum artists from Veer North travelled to Denmark to deliver community based workshops. In Shetland Veer North members worked in pairs or threes to deliver workshops in Shetland schools. 

I worked with Susan Timmins to create Setting Sail for two Shetland schools: Ueaysound Primary School in Unst and Bressay Primary School in Shetland. JJ Brennan later joined us in Bressay.  Sadly both these schools have been closed by Shetland Islands Council. 

We gave each pupil two 'sails' and asked them to imagine they were sailing to another place.  On one sail they would draw and/or write about what they would take with them, and on the other it would be what they would leave behind.  They also made flags to represent each of the places, the one they left behind and their new home.  After they finished their sails, they went outdoors and 'sailed away'.  In Ueaysound the Head Teacher got scooters for the pupils and we went to a large car park, which was great fun.  In Bressay we had film equipment, so each pupil was filmed. Pupils took turns to do the filming. 


The gallery at Farum, Denmark, for Crossing Waater, Veer North, 2009

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