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Searching for Sushi, 2005

Searching for Sushi was a site-specific sound walking tour composed from interviews with people who have left their homeland and have connections to Shetland and/or Australia. It was created for Strange Strolls, an exhibition at the Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery, Henry Street, Fremantle, Australia. The project was curated by the artist Perdita Phillips. 15 Australian and international artists made sound art walks for the streets of the West End of Fremantle. The walks began and ended at the Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery.  See further details here and the exhibition catalogue here.

Curator: Perdita Phillips. Participating artists: Begum Basdas (Turkey/USA) Viv Corringham (England/USA) Robert Curgenven (NT) Lawrence English (QLD) Aaron Coates Hull (NSW) Maria Manuela Lopes and Paulo Bernardino (Portugal) Minaxi May (WA) Roxane Permar (Shetland) Perdita Phillips (WA) Ric Spencer (WA) Kieran Stewart (WA) Aili Vahtrapuu and Virve Pulver (Estonia) Walter van Rijn (England/The Netherlands) Dorothee von Rechenberg (Switzerland).

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