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Shetland's Cauld Waaters, 2001 - 2002

Shetland's Cauld Waaters was one of ten digital art projects for young people age 12 to 16 years commissioned nationally by Scottish Natural Heritage to explore the marine environment through digital technology.  Led by artists, each team produced a digital artwork. 


The Shetland team worked with Karen Hall from Scottish Natural Heritage in Shetland to learn more about Shetland's subsea environment. We went on boat trips with Jonathan Wills whose boat was equipped with a small ROV so we could watch the marine life around the islands of Bressay and Noss as well as Lerwick harbour.  We worked with designer Iain Morrison to produce a web site, which showed the Shetland subsea marine and coastal environment and its relationship with and impact on the people living on the islands. The project received a Shetland Environmental Award 2002.  Our whole group travelled to Glasgow to take part in Freeflow at the CCA in Glasgow in 2002.  I was a member of the artists panel in discussion at the event.  In Kirkwall on our journey to the event, we met the local youth group during our stopover.

I will add underwater footage in future.

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