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Intake was a site-specific sound installation in four sites for the exhibition O Pas Là, Surprising Spaces, curated by Aude Hérail Jäger at LAC (Lieu d’art contemporain), Sigean, France.  The gallery is located in a former winery. One of my sound installations travelled through the building from one floor to another. This image shows an outbuilding where I also placed sound.  Artists: Eric Bainbridge, Phyllida Barlow, Judith Frost, Aude Hérail Jäger, David JD Johnson, Joan Key, Jayne Parker, Roxane Permar, Terry Smith  (supported by the British Council, the Henry Moore Foundation, Region Languedoc-Roussillon, Ville de Sigean, Amis du L.A.C., Ville de Narbonne, Vignobles James Herrick, International Soroptimistes – Club de Narbonne, Maison des Jeunes de Sigean).  Catalogue with essay by Christopher Kool Want.

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