The Croft Cosy Project, Shetland, 1992-95



The Croft Cosy Project is a collaborative project with Wilma Johnson, a Shetland knitter, for a tailor made Shetland and Fair Isle cosy hand knitted by a team of knitters to be temporarily sited in Shetland before travelling to parts of the world linked to Shetland through emigration and the knitwear industry, e.g. New Zealand, Australia, North America and Japan. Research and development comprised production of forty colour photographs, which have been exhibited in Shetland to encourage discussion and recruitment of knitters. In 1994 the project attracted extensive attention throughout the world.  In Shetland it became the topic of public skits, including Up Helly Aa, and the Alting public debate organised by The Shetland Debating Society. The photographs have been exhibited throughout England and Scotland as well as Vancouver, British Columbia.