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Projects in Cornwall

1,100 Rosebuds installation, Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall
Blueprints, Roxane Permar, Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall

In the early 200s I was commissioned twice in Cornwall. The first project, 1,100 Rosebuds, was part of Coal, Salt, Tin, a project led by artists groups in Cornwall, Leeds and Newcastle. In Cornwall I was hosted by  Penwith Artist-led Projects (PALP), who hosted a series of visual arts initiatives that emerged at the end of the 1990s. The project addressed areas of England that had once had thriving industries that were either no longer active or seriously declining, and were in processes of regeneration.  On the strength of that project, I was commissioned by Newlyn Art Gallery, where PALP had organised my base for 1,100 Rosebuds, to undertake a new project, Blueprints, in response to the expansion of the gallery, including renovation to the old building and a new extension which would house an education, or project, space.


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