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the emplacements project, UK and Russia, 1998 - 2003

disEMplacements, the emplacements project, exhibition with Françoise Dupré, Michelle Lewish King, Naomi Dines, Roxane Permar, London


relocation, emplacements project, Roxane Permar and Françoise Dupré


emplacements project, New Holland

New Holland

the emplacements project, Manchester Week in St Petersburg, Russia, The Encyclopaedia of Knitted Stories, Roxane Permar, Wilma Johnson, Tanya Nikolaenko, 2003

Encyclopedia of Knitted Stories

emplacements at the Red Banner Knitwear Factory (Krasnoye Znamye), 2002

Red Banner Knitwear Factory

emplacements project at Pro Arte, St Petersburg, Russia, 2001, Françoise Dupré, Gail Pearce and Roxane Permar

Pro Arte

emplacements was an artist-led, cross-cultural collaborative project initiated in 1997 by Françoise Dupré and myself. The project involved artists and writers from the UK, Western Europe and Russia who work in response to their experience of the history, environment, architecture and community connected to the location of their events. From 2001 to 2003 the Komitet for the Preservation and Use of Monuments of History and Culture (GIOP), worked with us to identify significant sites of industrial architecture to act as the subject and location of each event, aiming to raise issues integral to current debates around the protection of historical industrial buildings.  In 2000 the emplacements project enabled access to the historic site of New Holland for the only time in 300 years and earned a mention in the Rough Guide. 

There were two exhibitions in London and workshops,  exhibitions and events in St Petersburg over four years, culminating in 2003, the 300th anniversary of St Petersburg.  We also had a web site, which unfortunately no longer exists.  Artists Gail Pearce and Françoise Dupré have written about their experience of emplacements here and here. 

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