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the emplacements project at ProArte, 2001

Following the successful residency at New Holland in 2000, three of us, Françoise Dupré, Gail Pearce, and myself, returned to St Petersburg to work with Margarita Shtiglitz, from the Komitet for the Preservation and Use of Monuments of History and Culture (GIOP), to identify significant sites of industrial architecture to act as the subject and location of another event, aiming to raise issues integral to current debates around the protection of historical industrial buildings.  Our work at New Holland in 2000 had raised awareness and debate around historical sites, and thus our project became seen as a means to continue that process by targeting significant buildings.  We were able to share information about the emplacements project in the exhibition space at Pro Arte and additionally we held a public talk.  We visited a variety of industrial sites of architectural importance, primarily from the first half of the 20th century.  At one site two of us were spotted by the company's security and held until our credentials were cleared.

St Petersburg Pro Arte Foundation for Culture and Arts is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation. Founded in 1999 and located in St Petersburg in the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Foundation promotes contemporary arts and culture, its main fields of activity being visual art, music, architecture, art journalism, and design. The Foundation supports projects of Russian artists and cultural organisations, produces exhibitions, festivals and concerts, organises conferences, lectures and educational programs for young artists, journalists, and designers. Many projects of the Pro Arte Foundation involve  partners such as the State Hermitage Museum, the Bolshoi Drama Theatre, St Petersburg State University.

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