the emplacements project at New Holland, 2000


In 2000 we organised our first emplacements event in St Petersburg in the historic site of New Holland. In 2000 we organised our first event in St Petersburg in the historic site of New Holland.  This 10 day residency, described as a 'Master Class' by the British Council officers in St Petersburg and Moscow, comprised ten days of events, performances, talks and poetry readings culminating in a Vernissage, which by chance  fell on Navy Day.  Françoise Dupré and I invited Nayan Kulkarni and Gail Pearce  from the UK to work with the core team of Russian artists, with whom we had been planning the event since summer 1999. They included Lyudmilla Belova, Tatyana Nikolaenko and Oleg Yanushevsky, who acted as curator.  The event attracted significant interest in the city, with a large number of artists taking part.  Following television coverage, an estimated 4000 people came to the public event, held on Navy Day.  The venue was attractive to the general public because it opened the closed Russian Naval site for testing ships to the general public for the first time in nearly 300 years.

Nine waves of Russian sudno art, by Jeremy Howard