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Echolalia's Walsall Archive, 2000 - 2001

Echolalia’s Walsall Archive was commissioned for In Memoriam, an exhibition exploring ways in which contemporary artists have explored and interpreted the idea of memorials, monuments and mementoes. New work was commissioned from Jananne Al-Ani, Echolalia, Darryl Joe Georgiou, Kenny Hunter, Alastair MacLennan and Gavin Turk. Also featured were Nick Crowe, Susan Hiller, Felix Gonzalez-Torres and Andrew Tift. Works were represented in a wide range of media including painting, photography, sculpture, installation and video. Whilst some works were sombre and moving, others take a more upbeat or ironic perspective. 

Echolalia's Walsall Archive comprised 2001 miniature artworks placed in the gallery which visitors received in exchange  for a gift to Echolalia.  By entering into this exchange of gifts, the audience created its own Walsall Archive which has been documented for a web site and CD-Rom. 


In Memoriam was supported by the Henry Moore Foundation.  A publication accompanied the exhibition.

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