Echolalia's Archive


Echolalia's Archive is the unique collection of items related to the theme of 'the rose', including gifts, messages and artefacts from Echolalia's exhibitions and events which she has been building since the early days of her career. Some of the gifts she has received are mementos presented to her in memory of family and friends. Some have been specially made for her and all have been especially selected for her. Many of these gifts have been given to her anonymously.  As a collection they carry the spirit of her style and signature themes - the colour pink; the rose motif - the image, materials and scent of the rose and the rose garden; certain kinds of social acts, behaviours and etiquettes and sound which seems like an incessant cacophony of discordant singing. 

Echolalia exhibited Selections from her Archive in the exhibition In Memoriam at The New Art Gallery Walsall 21 November 2000 to 21 January 2001 and in Terrains des roses at the Shetland Museum in 1997.


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