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Roseland im Jakobigarten, Malkasten, Düsseldorf, 2006

In September and October 2006 I lived and work in Düsseldorf through a residency and commission.  I stayed in amazing live/work accommodation alongside German artists.  I participated in an Open Studios, Kunstpunkte, across the city shortly after I arrived. I spent the remaining part of my residency preparing Hide and Seek (p 53) which was a participatory event and site-specific work that formed the last of three parts in Roseland. Hide and Seek.  Participants in Hide and Seek were invited to stroll around the garden and to place a pink felt rose in it.  They were given a map and were later asked to pinpoint on it where they placed their rose.  They were invited to look for the rose that they had made during my open studio which they could take home as a memento of their experience.  Participants were given pink umbrellas. With darkness the Jacobigarten was lit with pink floodlights. 

It was supported by Nordrhein Westphalia, Scottish Arts Council, Shetland Arts and Malkasten Artists’ SocietyYou can read about the residency on my
Roseland Blog where I've shared my experience in some detail. Photographs by Roxane Permar and Birgit Jensen


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