Domestic Dialogues, Shetland and St Petersburg, Russia



Domestic Dialogues, with Susan Timmins, was  a participatory project linking people in Shetland and St Petersburg, Russia  through gift-giving and exchange.  It comprised three events which took place in 2007 at 1) The New Art Studio, Mungies Waater, Papal, Burra Isle in Shetland; 2) Dialogi, the 8th International Biennale of Contemporary Art at the Manezh Central Exhibition Hall in St Petersburg, Russia; and 3) The Claesline Gallery, The Smuggins, Burra Isle, Shetland.


At these events we asked the public to participate by making and receiving gifts,  felt roses and messages they wrote on special tags on the topic of clotheslines and laundry.  Supported by Hi-Arts and Shetland Community Arts Development individual artists’ grants.