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Roseland at Bonhoga, Shetland, 2006

Roseland at Bonhoga included an installation in the Bonhgoa Art Gallery and two kinds of exchanges, a plant exchange and the Roseland Postcard Exchange. Pupils from Hamnavoe Primary School in Shetland also exchanged seed packets with pupils at Roydon Primary School. In Shetland I invited visitors to the Bonhoga Gallery to make Roseland postcards using specially prepared rubber stamps and pink pens. Later in Düsseldorf I again invited visitors to my Open Studio during the citywide Kunstpunkte to make Roseland postcards.  I displayed the postcards in the gallery in Shetland and in my studio in Düsseldorf before posting them to their worldwide destinations. Roseland postcards are circulating round the world to many locations throughout the UK, Europe, North America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

Photo credits: Elaine Tait and Roxane Permar

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