I am an artist based in Shetland. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania and moved to the UK in 1975. This web site is about my art practice, past and present. My ways of working have changed over the years in response to world events, evolving practices in contemporary art and my personal situation. I am making pages visible as I complete them, so please come back over the coming months as I update new sections.


There are many terms of reference to describe my kind of art practice, including art in context, public art, participatory art, socially engaged art, and, more recently, art and social practice, embedded or situated practice. While I prefer the latter, 'situated practice', all of these terms describe my practice at one time or another. The importance of place has always underpinned my work, and the term 'art of place', as defined by Jeff Kelley in the early 1990s, also describes it well.

Much of my work is collaborative. More recently it has focussed on the Cold War period, particularly in Shetland. I work in collaboration with the artist Susan Timmins. You can find out more about this work on our  dedicated web site, Cold War Projects. although I will also  include a little bit on here in a Nuclear section.  


I have always worked in education, mostly part-time, but in 2017 I became a Research Fellow at the Centre for Island Creativity based in Shetland College, University of the Highlands and Islands.  You can see my research profile here.


Photo taken by Jessie Lightfoot Permar, Philadelphia, 2019